Tiles are one of the most good looking things in the whole bathroom because tiles are of different sizes, different kinds and of different designs which makes them look incredibly beautiful when they are installed somewhere, moreover, tiles are one of those things which are very soothing and easy to touch, for example, if you touch a cemented wall or you touch a brick, you will not feel too good but when you touch a tile, you will feel the difference that the tiles are very soothing and satisfying because of their surface, they are mostly put in the bathroom because tiles do not get any problem in them if the water comes in contact with them, this is why tiles are always the best choice for any bathroom. There are different types of tiles which are made for different purposes, each tile has its own purpose and they are made in such a way that the purpose is fulfilled completely without any sort of problem occurring in the process. Here are some of the types of tiles which are mostly used by the people:

Glass Tiles:

There are many kinds of tiles that are used for a different purpose, but out of them, the most beautiful tile gets to be the glass tiles because they are made in such a way that they shine when any light strikes upon them, these type of tiles are a bit sensitive so mostly they are used in the bathroom, these tiles are bright and they look very beautiful in a bathroom.

Quarry Tiles:

Most of the tiles are focused to be the most beautiful but quarry tiles can be known as the traditional tiles because they have traditional designs and also they are very tough, mostly because of their credibility they are used outside the house or used in places where a tough tile can withstand easily.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are very helpful when you have kids in your house, these type of tiles are mostly used as the splashbacks in the kitchen so that the wall does not get dirty, these are the tiles which do not get oily or sticky, one can easily wash them, but the disadvantage of such type of tiles is that they cannot withstand much pressure and also it is very hard to install such type of tiles especially in the kitchen.

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