slushie syrup

Beverages and soft drinks are very important part of one’s meal, be it a simple breakfast or a fancy menu of an occasion. There are cold drinks that have been the most in use and conventional drink. However, there are new sort of drinks that are introduced from some recent times. This one is the partially frozen and meted drinks. Such soft beverages are called slush/slushies. Slushie syrup is the version of drinkthat is water plus ice with loads of artificial flavors as well as natural fruit essence. One can say that it is a fruit flavored syrup that has crushed ice and the overall consistency of the syrup is semi-solid to semi-liquid. This slurpy or frozen beverage is loved by all especially puts a breath of fresh air in winters. On the other side, cold and frozen yoghurt is another favorite item of people which is also called as curd. Frozen yoghurt machine Australia is the high electric speed motor that is involved in the production offrozen desert from both dairy and non-dairy ingredients. Machine capacity and the cooling systeminstalled in it are the two parameters which effect yoghurt being manufactured.

Slushie syrup

Slushie is a soft, flavored, fruited, partially frozen beverage item which is sold at restaurants, hotels, pubs, canteens, bars, etc. This drink is also referred as slushie syrup, frozen syrup, slurpee, etc.It is anti-freeze drink solution which contain about 12-22% of sugary content that does not allow it to freeze completely. The name of the drink is like slurpy or slushie which is based on the sound that is produced when slush is drank with straw.

Slushie syrupis also ice slush that is primarily a mix of water and sugar. There are many flavors, fruits, and other artificial liquids which are part of the slushie. To keep it partially frozen all the time, the slurpee is prepared at temperature of 0 to 1֯C.

Frozen yoghurt machine Australia

Normal curd/yoghurt is entirely different from the frozen yoghurt, as the latter one is consumed as a frozen desert. It is produced inside frozen yoghurt machine Australiawhich has a cooling system installed to maintain the minus degrees temperature. Commercial ice creams and yoghurt machines are common at restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. There are three main steps which are incorporated in the complete cycle of yoghurt machine:

  • Pasteurize
  • Homogenize
  • Cool at <20֯C
  • Another additional step of aging is included for yoghurt taste

Frozen yoghurt machine Australiais the prep section for only frozen yoghurt which is also garnished with syrups, toppings and flavorings. Froyo is short term used commonly for frozen yoghurt. The production of such yoghurts offers quality consistency, faster freezing time, and it promises effective maintenance.


Slushie syrup is the partially frozen beverage that is mix of blended ice, water, sugar, fruit flavors, etc. Frozen yoghurt machine in Australia is the appliance in which frozen yoghurt consumed as desert is produced.