What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is related to dental work which is done to make the appearance of your teeth better and to improve your bite. Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile by improving the colour, shape, size, position and alignment of your teeth. A dentist who improves his skills by getting more education and training in the dentistry field to become a cosmetic dentist is providing you with the cosmetic dentistry services depending on the types of the procedure according to your oral issue. 

Different categories or processes of cosmetic dentistry

  • Composite bonding-It is a process of fixing half-broken damaged or decayed teeth by filling it through using the enamel of teeth’s colour. Teeth discolouration is also repaired in this process. The dentist drills your damaged teeth and then applies composite on the surface of your teeth and then formulate correct shape then cure it with the high intensity of light. This procedure repairs the crack teeth effectively.
  • Teeth whitening- It is also known as teeth bleaching. This method is used to remove tartar or plaque from the surface of your teeth by restoring their natural shape. A perfect emergency dentist in Chatswood whitened the pale or stained teeth by bleaching it in his clinic. This procedure continued until the lightest shade of your teeth.
  • Onlays and Inlays-The indirect filling is the other name of this process. This process is adopted to treat or repair decayed teeth or the teeth that have not enough structure which could support the natural teeth by filling it. Onlays and inlays are made in the dental laboratory by using resin materials and are attached to your teeth by using dental cement.
  • Dental veneers- This type of process is used for many cosmetic issues including crack, damaged and crook teeth or to remove the excessive gap between front teeth. These problems are resolved by applying veneers with a dental adhesive. For every patient, different and separate medical-grade ceramic or dental veneers are manufactured.
  • Implants- This is a process of planting a new tooth in the space of a lost toothA screw of titanium is inserted in the jaw into the place of a lost tooth. This is a permanent solution for a missing tooth. Many dentists refer to implant than a removable tooth.


As a beautiful and attractive smile enhance your personality and confidence that is why you should not avoid your oral issues. Some oral issue could be temporary but many people could face permanent types of teeth problem. Advanced technology has made everything easy and possible. Sydney Smiles Dental is providing the best cosmetic dentistry Lane Cove services. We have the latest technology and an expert team of cosmetic dentists who understand your oral problems and guide you with best solutions. We provide you with the best treatment in cheaper and affordable price. You may contact us through our website to make an appointment for your oral check-ups and treatments from our dentist.