Fires are extremely dangerous and unpredictable has there that can occur in any kind of situation and can result in catastrophic loss for the inhabitants of a building and the property that is kept inside the building. This means that suitable measures need to be taken to ensure that any fire that occurs in the building is adequately dealt with i.e. it is identified early on and suppressed so that it does not spread to other parts of the building nor does it damage the property inside the building.

Damage due to Fire

In addition to damaging the property and the inhabitants of the building, fire can result in structural damage to a building as well as the high temperatures can have an effect on the structural integrity of the building. This is because the high temperatures of the fire can change the material properties of the materials that are used in the construction of the building. This change of material properties in most cases is for the best as the strength of the materials that are used in the construction of the building deteriorates due to the high temperatures.

This effect of loss of structural integrity can be more profound in steel buildings as the connections between different steel members can be affected by the high temperatures of the fire. In certain cases, welds can melt which means that the joint between two different members is no longer there and this can lead to collapse of the structure. Bolted connections are not secure there from the effect of high temperatures because of the fire as the bolts may shear off and lose their ability to carry axial and shear forces which means that the connection between two members is no longer present which can ultimately lead to the collapse of a structure.

One of the first steps to mitigate the damage done by a fire is the identification of the fire once it has started. This can easily be done by fire alarm installation in Adelaide. These alarm sense the presence of a fire because of the heat generated and the amount of smoke that is also generated once a fire breaks out and, sounds an alarm which alerts the inhabitants as well as the authorities of the presence of a fire which means that it can be dealt with swiftly. This identification of the presence of a fire can improve the response time of the associated authorities and suitable measures can be taken to prevent the spread of the fire thereby, minimising the loss.

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