There have been a new feature downloaded that is that the people or the clients get the ability to be able to customize their caravans exactly where they wanted to look like with the help of their luxury caravans in Melbourne builder you can customize your car, van or devices of your choices. So this consists of a unique first step procedure of the caravan builder where you’ll get to customize your favourite model, choosing of your colours, floor pan plans as well as other details that will have to be sent to the local dealer so that they can start getting the idea items for you. It’s easier if you can walk into the Office of the person who’s dealing your order.  

First step is to choose the model that you want to customize as a caravan builder. There are two choices, either of Grid, which is the ultimate choice for people who travel a lot, and it’s a compact luxury caravan. Whereas the Freelander is the ideal luxury caravan for people like Australian conditions and it not only offers comfort but also ruggedness.  

Followed by this step one is the step two where you can put your stamp on your caravan and you get to choose the colour that you would want to customize your caravan front and back. There are variety of colour that you can choose from. You can even mix the colour up to spice the game up. Step three is to design the exterior of your custom caravan. From the preferred floor plan. Once the colour panelling is designed, then you’re supposed to decide the floor plan when it’s done, uh, we’ll transfer the details to the closest Lotus caravan. That will help you finalize the details and get the customization done. The customization would take a bit longer, however, before you decide to get a customized caravan, you should be aware of the smallest detail about how much time does it take, as well as the budget that it needs to have in order to get the custom caravan done.  

Can you legally live in a caravan?  

For people who are planning to live illegally in a caravan need to make sure that they are aware that they will have to find a suitable plot or a suitable piece of land where they can park their caravan, as well as the planning permission that needs to be taken under residential parks. To avoid any further issues.  

What are the most reliable caravans in Australia?  

The coromandel, the Caldron caravan, the Empire caravan are some of the best quality caravans that are found in Australia. These are renowned as well as recommended by the customers that have already been using it.  For more info, please log on to