land division

Real estate is the most priced asset one can own. This is the only asset that appreciates with time regardless of environmental changes in the market. The importance of real estate is that one can build a structure on it that serves multiple purposes. For example, if you have a piece of land, you can build your house on it to live or you can build a multi-story building that can be rented out to other people to earn income on it. No one wants to leave a small piece of land gone wasted because it can be the source of high income. This is the reason that whenever you are buying real estate as an individual or business, you want to be very clear about the boundaries of your land. Even in case, you get inherited with a large property, the first thing you should be doing is to go for the cadastral survey. Because it might a case that there will be multiple heirs of the properties and it will be divided among all, so the cadastral survey will help in the land division. Each heir will be getting a fair share from land division in sa. The cadastral survey is very common and has very wide applications in the real estate industry.

Construction Project: When you are planning a construction project, you cannot make the feasibility of any construction project without a cadastral survey. Usually, the construction projects are planned in the area where there are multiple properties are on the ground. The cadastral survey will give you the exact demarcation of available land. Land division is important when it comes to construction projects because you cannot overlap anyone property, as that can lead to serious problems in future. Even there is the risk that the project will be stopped due to legal implications. The cadastral survey will give you the exact plan of land division so that you will be known about the available area to plan your project.

Housing Society: When it comes to housing society, the cadastral survey is the only way to divide the land into smaller units. Whenever you plan a housing society, the land division is mandatory because you are planning to provide houses to many people on a single piece of land that is further divided into smaller units.

Buying new property: Always conduct a cadastral survey before buying the new property. The price of the land is dependent on the area of the land, each inch is important because it is worth your money. When you are planning to make a heft investment inland then you must be certain about the land that will be your property. The cadastral surveyor in adelaide will help you to know that the land claimed on the paper is also matches the result of the cadastral survey. This will make your investment protected and avoid any claims on the land in future.